Atkins & Low-Carb – Part 6

Atkins & Low-Carb – Part 6

Within this number of articles we’ve centered on low-carb dieting. Could it be best for you? We’ve checked out a few of the concerns with low-carbing, we have examined the diets of bodybuilders, and we have described just how carbohydrates react in your body. Within this final article around the subject of carbs, we’ll make an effort to answer the billion dollar question: in the event you begin a low-carb diet?

* Professionals

First of all, please understand that almost all physicians within the U . s . States won’t recommend a no-carb diet. Generally, doctors are likely to stick to the generally recognized health practices, and individuals practices require us to partake of four recommended food groups. Citing the truth that there aren’t any lengthy-term studies on the results of carb deprivation, the American Heart Association doesn’t recommend a no-carb approach.

However, there are several doctors who consider the results achieved on low-carb or no-carb diets and say (like some people have): you cannot argue with results!

* The Study

Each side within the low-carb debate have doctors and studies to assist their claims.

The Atkins group has well-done studies showing their diet leads to weight reduction minimizing cholesterol. The South Beach folks can quote much more studies. Both groups also perform a excellent job of trotting out some very convincing before-and-after images of people (much like us!) who’ve seen results around the low-carb diets.

However, there’s an abundance of research showing that low-carb diets are unsafe and ineffective. Research by Linda van Horn of Northwestern College in Chicago assessed greater than 4,000 individuals the U . s . States, Britain, China and japan, asking to create lower everything they’d eaten over two 24-hour periods. “Lo and behold, what we should did find is the fact that without exception, a higher complex-carb, high-fiber, high vegetable-protein diet was connected with low body-mass index (the conventional way of measuring healthy weight),” Van Horn stated. The greater protein an individual ate, the greater their weight, she stated.

It’s not hard to observe that the study conflicts about this issue, because it does on the majority of topics.

* The Function MODELS

Inside a previous article we examined the diets of professional bodybuilders and (female) fitness models. Almost without exception, we discovered that these Very healthy people didn’t eliminate all carbohydrates using their diet. Again, almost without exception, these individuals DID strictly limit the consumption of ‘garbage’ carbs (donuts, cake, cookies, etc.).

Bodybuilders and fitness models obtain carbs from QUALITY sources including brown grain, vegetables, fruit and yams.

* PHONE A Buddy!

Yikes! Professionals differ and also the research does not agree! How to proceed? Let us phone a buddy…..

Just about everyone has a family member or friend which has dropped a few pounds on the low-carb plan. Sometimes they have even lost a lot of weight. Everything anecdotal evidence can not be wrong, will it?

Once we learned inside a previous article about this subject, low-carb diets can help you slim down! There’s enough research and evidence available how to fully support claiming. But could it be the ‘right’ weight, and it is it ‘safe’ weight?

Especially throughout the first couple of days on the low-carb diet, a lot of the load loss is due to water loss. Falling the diet plan, or presenting carbohydrates into the body, can lead to faster-than-normal putting on weight from replenished glycogen stores.

Another HUGE anxiety about low-carb weight reduction success is if it’s ‘safe’ weight reduction. We are not speaking about heart health or levels of cholesterol, but at this time we are discussing weight loss versus. muscle loss. In the end, my own mail to get rid of muscle, will they? Whenever we discuss wanting to shed weight, it is simply understood that you want to lose weight! On the low-carb diet, it’s very easy to lose way too much weight from muscle and never enough weight from fat.

So although our buddies and family might have experienced weight reduction on the low-carb diet, this alone isn’t enough to convince US to test it too.

* Are We Able To Stick To It?

As we have stated again and again, NO DIET Will Meet Your Needs If You Cannot Stick To It. The Idaho Press Tribune ran and fascinating article in defense of low-carbing (3-25-04, LeAnn Coffelt, Your Wellbeing section), where a few of the challenges of low-carbing were disclosed: carb withdrawal (when compared with nicotine withdrawal), hair thinning, etc. Possibly probably the most intriguing quote from the story was “Among the silliest things I have heard is you will place the weight back on once you steer clear of the diet. Well, obviously you’ll.”

Before dieting on the low-carb (or ANY) diet, you have got to think about ‘Can I stick to it?’. If you value pasta and pizza, then the reply is most likely no.

* THE Billion Dollar QUESTION

Okay, okay, enough discuss the benefits and drawbacks of low-carb existence! In the event you or should not you ‘go low carb’?

Sorry to dissatisfy you, but NOBODY can answer that question for you personally. You, and just you, determine if a minimal-carb weight loss program is something can stick to for existence. There’s, however, a summary of questions you are able to (and really should!) think about before going for it into low-carb mania:


2) Have i got a household good reputation for cardiovascular disease and/or high bloodstream pressure?

3) Have i got a household good reputation for cholesterol problems?

4) Have i got a household good reputation for cancer?

5) Will I think I’m able to stick to it, even with the ‘carb withdrawal’ phase?

6) Have I scheduled regular bodyfat tests to make certain I’m losing weight and never muscle?

7) Have i got an assistance system in position that helped me to stay with my new lifestyle?

8) Have I taken time to teach myself around the specific diet, or shall we be held simply following a advice of buddies?



Low-carb (or perhaps no-carb) dieting Might be effective and safe for you personally. Only your physician will help you answer that question. Additionally, Low-carb (or perhaps no-carb) dieting Might be something can stick to for existence. Solve these questions . answer that question.


You did not think that we would conclude this short article with no indication to workout, have you? In the end, Being Active Is The Only Real Factor That THE DOCTORS AND EXPERTS DO Agree With!

Melanie Polk, RD, may be the Director of Diet Education in the American Institute for Cancer Research. “We know lose weight fast and maintain it,” stated Polk. “It’s a well known fact: consume less food, Do More Exercise. Rather of eliminating all carbohydrates, choose whole-grain options and beans using the fiber to satiate and supply energy during the day. Add fruits and vegetables while reducing protein and fat.”

Doctors agree that being active is important to achieving a proper level of fitness for existence. Not only a healthy weight, however a healthy level of fitness!!

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