Fast Diets When You Want To Lose Weight Fast

Fast Diets When You Want To Lose Weight Fast

There are any number of “fast diets” out there for when you want to lose weight fast, but as you’ve probably already learned, most (if not all) of them are unhealthy and possibly even dangerous. Further, when you lose a few pounds using them (instead of a healthy, moderately paced weight loss plan) you almost always tend to put the weight back on. There’s nothing “long term” about a fast weight loss diet. These type diets aren’t meant to be used for long-haul fat loss maintenance. They are simply “quick fixes” intended for those who only need to lose a few pounds.

This is why you will often hear these types of diets referred to as “fad diets.” A few examples of fad diets are: the Cabbage Soup diet, the 3-Day diet, the 7-Day diet, the Grapefruit diet, the Atkins diet, and there are many, many more. None of these, however, are meant to be used long-term for losing weight. In fact, continuing either of them could produce serious health problems later on, like: dehydration and loss of muscle. There are more possible risks, but this article isn’t about scaring anyone. Instead, we’ll talk about when using a “fast diet” can be O.K..

Before we get to it, however, let me say that using fast diets to lose weight fast should be undertaken for short-term quick weight loss only under the guidance of a qualified physician – of which I am not. Always consult with your doctor first. Now, with that said, the only time a fast diet might be okay is when you’ve got less than ten pounds to lose (preferably no more than 5 to 7 pounds) – and you’ll be going back to a nutritionally sound, healthy diet and exercise plan immediately after losing the weight.

Here are some tips for staying healthy while dieting:

1. Drink lots of water. There are no calories in water, and your body needs plenty of fluids to properly burn off fat anyway, so you’ll agree this kinda makes sense.

2. Drink an 8 ounce glass of water before you eat. You’ll feel full faster, and won’t want to eat as much food.

3. Use a small plate and eat slowly. You’ll feel full faster and won’t eat as much.

4. Be active. Inactivity doesn’t help burn fat or calories, so get up off the couch and go outside for a walk, or jog. It doesn’t take a lot of stressful exercise to burn extra calories, but activity is required.

A final bit of advice before you go: remember that fast diets are not meant to be used for a long time. It’s better to eat right and exercise than put yourself in a position of wanting or needing to lose weight fast. If you need to lose three pounds before prom, or your brother’s niece’s wedding, maybe. But for long term weight loss (if you plan to keep off the weight you lose) fast weight loss diets are too stressful on the body to keep up – and may seriously jeopardize your health.

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